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Plan for addressing negative comments about you by your ex

Having to deal with your ex on child custody matters usually isn't an easy feat. The issue is made even more complex when your ex decides that he is going to speak ill of you to your children and others. When this happens, you will have to decide how you will handle the matter.

Fighting for joint custody during a high-asset divorce

Going through a divorce can be especially difficult when the stakes are high. But everyone's most important asset is their children, and after working to divide the material things, many high-asset couples worry about how much they will have to fight in order to maintain custody of their kids.

What's the best way to talk with children about divorce?

At some point in every divorcing parent's process of separation, the divorce talk becomes inevitable. You have to tell your children what is going to happen -- that mom and dad won't be living in the same house anymore. Fortunately, many children are versatile enough to handle this kind of unsettling and disappointing news. In fact, family psychologists say that within two years, children typically have completely healed and overcome any initial setbacks that the reality of divorce creates for them.

Medical decisions can be a challenge in child custody cases

Child custody cases come with a variety of challenges for the parents. Since you and the child's other parent aren't in a relationship any longer, and it may be a hostile new interpersonal dynamic between you and your ex, you may come to realize that making decisions about the child's life are incredibly difficult.

Divorced parent dilemma: Celebrating a child's special days

Divorced parents often have to face challenges that other parents don't contend with. One of these is how they are going to celebrate a child's special days. These are events like birthdays, graduations and school plays that are important to your child and that can be amazing memories if they are handled in a positive way.

3 things to consider about gray divorce

Divorce is hard at any age, but it seems to get more difficult after the age of 50. One of the main reasons for this is that starting over when you are close to retirement is often very daunting. With a little bit of planning you can conquer your fears, secure your finances and start over with confidence.

3 ways you can protect your assets in a divorce

Divorce is sometimes very costly, especially if you do not take the proper precautions. For example, if you do not take into consideration the tax consequences of keeping your house in Minneapolis as part of the settlement, then it could end up costing you a capital gains tax if you choose to sell it in the future. The last thing you want to do is to lose any part of the divorce settlement that you should receive.

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