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Posts tagged "Residential Real Estate"

Time of year can affect sale of residential property

Our readers may have noticed some interesting trends with regard to how and when homes appear on the real estate market. It may seem like there are rarely homes for sale in the dead of winter, but when the weather begins to warm up more homeowners place "for sale" signs in their front yards. That is because the time of year that a homeowner chooses to offer a property for sale can impact if it will actually sell or not.

City program allows properties to be recycled into new homes

Vacant properties can be depressing reminders of the economic struggles some Minneapolis residents face when they cannot afford their residences. Whether through liens or foreclosures, abandonment or other causes, vacant properties can fall into disrepair and leave neighbors wondering if anyone will ever fix the issues that plague once-vibrant homes. In Minneapolis, a program is helping remedy the vacant property problem that is rampant through the area.

Minneapolis residential real estate market is strong

According to real estate experts, 2015 ended with a positive swing in the local housing market. Based on continuing trends, it appears that 2016 will build on last year's successes, at least in some areas of the greater Minneapolis community.

The New Year may be the right time for a new home

It is hard to believe that another year has flown by. Readers of this Minneapolis real estate law blog have encountered a diversity of topics over the last 12 months, from problems individuals can encounter with construction contracts to how to draft a commercial lease agreement. However, despite the wide breadth of subjects that real estate law can include, many people who need help in the real estate field require assistance with the purchase of residential real estate.

What problems can arise during a residential real estate closing?

Finding the right home can be a challenge for some Minneapolis buyers. After months of searching for the right house in the right neighborhood with the right amenities, it can seem like an eternity to finally get to the day of closing on the property. While many residential real estate closings go smoothly, there are some issues that can come up that can delay or even stop a residential real estate closing from happening.

Few homes for sale makes for tough real estate market

Buying a home is not as easy as simply making an offer and having it accepted. Many factors, such as a seller's willingness to negotiate on a price and current housing market trends, can influence the speed at which an offer is countered, accepted or rejected. In Minneapolis, a low number of available residential real estate properties is making for a challenging market for those who want to buy in the city.

Are there advantages to renting a home instead of buying one?

To rent or to buy: many Minnesota residents struggle with this important residential property decision. While some people prefer the flexibility of only being bound to a home for the duration of a lease agreement, others enjoy the autonomy that comes with home ownership. There are advantages to both housing paths, and this blog post will focus on the advantages of choosing to be a residential real estate renter.

City seeks to attract consumers to new residential real estate

Downtown Minneapolis is thriving, and the city's Town Council is taking proactive steps to showcase the residential real estate opportunities that individuals may experience if they choose to live in the metropolitan center. On several occasions throughout the last year the Town Council has hosted events where apartment buildings are able to open their doors and show visitors the amenities they have to offer in their residential developments. Many new residential property buildings will be opening their doors in the next few months and the Town Council hopes that its preview days will help fill those units with renters who are excited to live in the city's booming downtown center.

The basics of a real property title

All across Minneapolis people own real property. Individuals own homes, condos, businesses and tracts of land. Some own their property outright while others are paying off mortgages or other loans in order to secure their full ownership. When a person seeks to own a parcel of real property the person generally must acquire the property's title.

Why do I have to pay homeowner's association fees?</

When a Minneapolis resident buys an unencumbered piece of land and constructs a private residence on that property, she is only limited in her building plans by the area's zoning and building ordinances. A person, to some extent, may use and treat her land as she sees fit to produce the use and enjoyment out of it that she desires. Many existing homes may also be purchased and used without extra restrictions; outside of planned communities, private homes usually may be changed, modified, and improved at the owners' choosing.

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