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Posts tagged "Real Estate Disputes"

What is adverse possession?

A recent post here focused on boundary issues that can develop between neighboring landowners. When landowners proactively address the conflicts that exist between them, there isn't always a need to draw up new property descriptions to establish land borders. However, when land is subject to unresolved conflicts and is used by individuals who do not properly hold title to it, landowners may find that their rights to their own property have changed.

What are the legal procedures in an eviction dispute?

When a landlord and a tenant are in the midst of a dispute over whether or not the tenant should be allowed to stay in the property based on a violation, an expiration of the agreement or some other issue, the landlord might try to begin eviction procedures. While the term "eviction" might sound simple enough, there are laws in Minnesota that govern how this must be handled. The landlord and the tenant have to be aware of the procedures for an eviction in any lease dispute.

Boundary issues can be tough disputes to resolve

Our Minneapolis readers may be familiar with the saying, "good fences make good neighbors." The statement implies that as long as individuals who live in close proximity to each other can delineate where their land stops and others' begins, and no one interferes with the land of others, then relations between neighbors can be peaceful. However, it is often during the proposed construction of a fence or other property-defining structure that arguments between neighbors can erupt regarding the boundaries of their properties.

We help victims of real estate fraud

Minneapolis newspapers often feature stories about criminal matters involving fraud. Fraud occurs when a person intentionally induces another to do something that causes the actor to suffer harm. Fraud often happens in situations where the victim incurs financial hardship and the perpetrator seeks to monetarily benefit from the other's loss.

Timeshares present unusual real estate quandaries

As a Minneapolis resident is sorting through his mail during the cold months of winter, his eyes may fall upon a mailer advertisement about visiting a tropical paradise in a faraway land. As he reads the advertisement, he may discover that what he has actually received is a brochure about owning a timeshare in a vacation destination. Not everyone knows what a timeshare is or understands the challenges that they can present when they are not properly handled.

Evictions may be based on different factors

An eviction is a serious legal process in which a person or parties are forced out of their home due to conduct alleged by the properties' landlords. In Minnesota, and in different jurisdictions throughout the country, evictions can be based on different rationales. While some bases for evictions may not be found permissible by courts others may serve as grounds to remove people from their rented homes.

Zoning disputes with the city can be difficult

Did you know that different cities in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area may have different zoning regulations? What is permissible in one community may result in a zoning violation in another. For individuals who plan to move from city to city, even within the same geographic area, understanding zoning rules is critical to staying ahead of real problem headaches.

Easements can be a source of real estate disputes

When purchasing a residential property, a Minnesota home buyer may expect that the entirety of what the home needs -- the land, the home's structure, a driveway and more -- will be contained on the property the person seeks to purchase. This is not always the case. Some properties lack particular necessities and utilize the surrounding properties to accomplish what they need. When a property carries with it the right to use part of a neighboring property for ingress and egress or another purpose, the property is said to have an easement on the other.

Could a lease dispute be in your future?

A lease is a special kind of interest in real property. Contrary to an ownership interest, a lease interest allows a person to use property without actually owning it. A person who leases property generally enters into a contract with the actual owner of the property before being allowed to use the real estate; in Minneapolis, corporate and private citizens lease space for operating businesses, running companies and living with their families.

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