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Representing parties with construction claims in Minnesota

A previous post here discussed some of the problems that can occur when a Minnesota resident undertakes a construction project with the help of a builder. Disputes over contracts, acts of professional negligence and issues related to warranties can all lead frustrated homeowners to wonder if they may have legal claims against the construction service providers that have worked on their homes.

What claims may I have for construction defects in my home?

Moving into an existing home can be very exciting for a Minneapolis resident, but some people prefer to have new houses built when they must relocate. The process of having a home erected from the ground up can be stressful, but when homeowners work with reliable builders and contractors their concerns can often be kept in check. However, even the simplest building projects can suffer from problems, and when homeowners discover that mistakes were made during the creation of their homes, claims based on construction defects can result.

What is the construction law for home improvement warranties?

In Minnesota, construction can be a tricky business for both the property owner and the contractor. Understanding how the law works when it comes to warranties for home improvement can be complex. Both the builder and the client need to be aware of the laws and, if necessary, take the right action when there is a disagreement over the project and whether it is functioning as it was intended.

An overview of litigation arising from structural problems

Acquiring a new home is a big step for almost anyone, but contracting to build a new home can be a huge undertaking for even a seasoned Minnesota homeowner. Unlike an existing home that has its own history and character, a home created from new construction can take on practically any form that its future owner desires. Finding the right builder and contractor to turn that dream home into a reality can be an difficult process, and then securing those professionals' services can require signing off on various building-related contracts.

Construction contract problems can derail a building project

Contracts exist in every realm of life. When a Minneapolis resident starts a new job she may have to sign a contract of employment. When a couple chooses to get married, they may decide to execute a prenuptial agreement. When a person decides to build a new home or engage in a building project on an existing structure, he will likely have to sign a contract with his contractor or builder.

Minnesota court rules on residential construction matter

A home fire can be a devastating event for a Minneapolis family. It can destroy not only the dwelling where a family lives its life but also all of the possessions and memories contained within it. Ultimately, however, the most distressing outcome of a home fire can be the losses of life suffered when individuals cannot escape the fire's smoke and flames.

Should I have insurance when my house is under construction?

A home is a major investment for most Minnesota families. For that reason, they carefully select insurance policies that protect not only the structures that they live in but also the possessions they keep inside of those houses. It seems, from this perspective, that home owners may only need an insurance policy for when the home is completed and they have moved into it. However, having a home insurance policy during the construction phase of a house building project can provide important financial protections for the future occupants of the structure.

New homes can exhibit different types of construction defects

One of the most exciting experiences that a Minneapolis resident can have in the world of real estate is building his own brand new home. Reviewing blueprints and interviewing builders can be nerve-wracking and fun -- seeing those two dimensional plans become a true brick and mortar representation of one's dream home is quite a fulfilling experience. A well-built home can serve a family for generations and will last for decades into the future.

You have rights when hiring a construction general contractor

For many people, starting a major home renovation is a daunting prospect. This is because most Minnesota residents do not have the knowledge required to do the entire project on their own. When individuals desire to have major work done to their homes but cannot take on the work themselves, they often hire general contractors.

Construction litigation can be based on many causes

Even building a simple house can be a complicated process. In Minneapolis, individuals who desire to construct new homes have to contend with building laws, zoning restrictions and other legal requirements that dictate what they may and may not do with their properties. Due these and the many other limits that a person faces when the person wants to construct a new edifice, some people utilize the services of construction professionals to see their projects through to the end.

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