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How Do I Plan For My Divorce
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How Do I Plan For My Divorce?

A very common question among new divorce clients is how do I plan for my divorce? Many clients want to know what they can do right now in preparation for a Minnesota divorce filing. The general answer is to know what you have right now. This is a very loaded answer but it is important to understand this means evaluating your current assets and liabilities as well as record keeping of your children’s needs. And the best way to show your understanding of this is through documents and records. It is almost as if you have to assume no one is going to take your word and you have to prove everything with a statement so that it can’t be disputed.

This may seem overwhelming, so it is important to discuss your potential divorce with one of our divorce and family law lawyers. Our attorneys in Minneapolis are compassionate to the needs of divorce clients across the Twin Cities area and are here for you every step of the way.

Divorce Planning Tips

Here are some general divorce planning tips. Remember, this is not legal advice but general information. If you are seeking legal advice for your divorce, you should reach out to Burns & Hansen, P.A., to discuss your specific situation.

  • Starting organizing your financial documents: This can include anything from tax returns, mortgage statements, credit card statements, investment accounts, retirement assets, savings accounts, banking and checking records and any debts you may owe.
  • Gather and collect information about your child: You must also show information about your children for calculating child support, custody and parenting time arrangements. Items like medical records, school records, medications your child takes and other information pertaining to your child.
  • Recalling and retaining records pertaining to your spouse: You also want to show records related to your spouse for purposes of spousal maintenance, business valuations and property division. This can include any police records (if there was any history of domestic abuse), business records, emails and any other relevant correspondence.

Making Divorce As Pain-Free As Possible

We understand that this seems like a difficult task but we are here to help make this an easier process for you. Call our divorce lawyers at 952-232-5991 or contact us online today in Minneapolis to schedule your free initial discussion.