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Remember to Send the 21-Day Letter After Your Tenant Leaves the Property!

If you withhold any portion of a security deposit, Minnesota law requires that you send a written statement to your tenants within twenty-one days after move-out. Minn. Stat. § 504B.178, subd. 3(a). This statement, known as a 21-day letter, must explain the reason for withholding some or all of the security deposit.

Providing Notice to Tenants

During your time as a landlord, you will periodically need to communicate information to your tenants. You may need to inform your tenants that a technician will visit the property to inspect the furnace, or you may need to terminate a month-to-month tenancy. Regardless of the situation, you need language in your lease that allows you to provide notice to your tenants by mailing a letter to the property.

The Importance of Using Experienced Process Servers and Legal Professionals for the Service of your Eviction Documents

In order to comply with the complicated statutes and rules governing service in eviction cases, you should employ a professional process server and experienced legal professionals. Professional process servers are important to ensure that the court does not dismiss your case for improper service. Legal professionals are important for drafting and filing the affidavits required to perfect service.

Report: Commercial real estate market heats up in Twin Cities

The commercial real estate market is heating up in the Twin Cities area, according to a recent report by the Star Tribune. In addition to the improving economy, tough markets in bigger cities are reportedly driving investors into Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Federal Judge Upholds Concerns of Business Owners in Central Corridor Dispute

Businesses and other property owners along University Avenue have long had concerns about the way the Metropolitan Council has handled the construction of the Central Corridor light-rail line in St. Paul. Now, they have a court victory that at least acknowledges many of those concerns.

Profiles of Minnesota Bankruptcy Filers Evolve in Response to Tough Economy

The economy is no longer officially in recession, but it remains tough. In Minnesota as in the rest of the nation, the real estate market is still very slow and unemployment remains high. Belt-tightening is the order of the day for many businesses and individuals, as well as government agencies and nonprofits.

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