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Deal or no deal? The mechanics of a mechanic's lien p4

We are back to our discussion of mechanic's liens. Specifically, we were discussing what a homeowner may or must do when he or she learns of a lien. As we said in our Sept. 22 post, the lien is only valid if the contractor or subcontractor gives the homeowner proper notice.

You need solid contracts to keep construction projects going

When it comes to construction projects, the importance of planning can't be overstated. Whether you're a builder, supplier, designer, contractor, subcontractor or owner, the success of a project depends on the planning and the strength of the contracts between all parties involved. As with a built structure itself, protections against liability and the trajectory of profits must come from a firm foundation, and solid contracts are that foundation.

Deal or no deal? The mechanics of a mechanic's lien p2

We are talking about mechanic's liens and what a homeowner can do about a mechanic's lien against his property. As we said, the liens are for construction work completed but not paid for. The construction firm or the subcontractor can put a lien -- a legal "hold" -- on the property until the debt is paid.

Deal or no deal? The mechanics of a mechanic's lien

We saw an episode of a home renovation show on HGTV recently that had an unusual twist. Usually, the contractor finds mold or asbestos in the fixer-upper, or the electrical panel needs to be upgraded to support the modern family's electronics habits. In this episode, though, the contractor receives a call from someone who had worked on the house before, someone who had not been paid for the work.

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