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3 reasons to use mediation for your divorce
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3 reasons to use mediation for your divorce

Making the decision to divorce isn’t an easy one. When you have made up your mind, your best hope is that you and your ex will be able to work out the terms together. Being able to negotiate has many benefits.

There are only a few cases in which going through mediation isn’t appropriate. These include things like cases of domestic violence and when one party has a mental health condition like narcissism. It might not be possible if one party isn’t willing to compromise. But, if at all possible, getting the negotiations moving forward is preferable for many.

Mediation is usually faster

You don’t have to wait on trial dates and go through the long preparation process when you are using mediation. The time that it takes to go through mediation depends on how much you and your ex can work together. If you go into the process with the intention of working out a deal, you will likely be able to get everything done as quickly as possible. Try to pick a few things to stand fast on while you give in more on the less important points.

It is normally less expensive

A divorce that goes through the trial process is likely going to be more expensive than one that is mediated. This is because your attorney will need time to prepare and they have to go through the trial. The decreased expenses can help you to start your new life off on the best foundation possible since you will likely have more money.

Your kids can benefit

One of the benefits for the kids is that they don’t have to watch their parents go through the contentious trial process. Mediation shows them that you can still work toward a common goal even if you don’t get along. It also teaches them teamwork skills. You can work out the terms of the child custody order quickly, which can help your children to have stability faster.

As you go through the mediation process to end your marriage, remember that you have certain rights. Explore the possibilities ahead of time so you know what you are working toward. During the process, take a step back to think about an option that’s put on the table. You can also ask to speak to the mediator in private if necessary. They can help you to keep the negotiations on track.