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How does divorce mediation help when dissolving a marriage?
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How does divorce mediation help when dissolving a marriage?

Divorce mediation involves the use of a third-party mediator who is neutral to both sides. During mediation proceedings, the spouses and their respective attorneys will work with the neutral mediator over the course of several meetings to settle different aspects of their divorce.

During all the mediation meetings, the mediator will facilitate peaceful communications and help the spouses see the benefit of various solutions to different areas of disagreement. When successful, the spouses will conclude the process with a divorce settlement that resolves asset division, child custody, child support and spousal support.

The benefits of divorce mediation

There are numerous benefits to mediating a divorce settlement rather than completing the process through court litigation. These benefits include:

  • The process promotes improved post-divorce relations between the spouses.
  • Mediation is less stressful for children because it promotes a better relationship between the divorcing spouses.
  • Many spouses conclude their divorce process faster through mediation.
  • Since it’s faster and doesn’t require costly court proceedings, mediation can save couples money on their divorce process.
  • Mediation gives each spouse a feeling of being in control of the process since, at any time, the spouse is free to disagree with any aspect of the proposed divorce agreements.
  • Since mediation is private, couples may feel a greater sense of relief that their affairs won’t be on the public record.

Mediation may not work in all cases

It’s important for spouses heading into mediation to remember that the process may not work in all cases. Sometimes, spouses will come up against a brick wall of disagreement that they’re never able to surmount. If this is the case, the couple will need to proceed with litigating the matter in court, and the mediation process could feel like a waste of money and time.

For this reason, spouses who are prone to constant fighting and unable to agree on anything might not be a good match for the mediation process.

If you’re curious about whether divorce mediation could help you and your spouse end your marriage, learn more about the various types of divorce mediation, investigate how long this process could take, and find out how much it will cost given the unique facts of your marriage.