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Long-distance parenting is difficult but not impossible
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Long-distance parenting is difficult but not impossible

Not being able to see your children on a regular basis is a hard situation for a parent to be placed in. For those who don’t live near their children, this is a harsh reality. As difficult as this type of situation is, there are some things that you can do to ease the strain.

It is important for you to have your child custody plan address the issues that come with being a father who lives away from your child. These can include everything from how in-person visits will be planned and how communication between visits should occur. This gives you a place to turn if there are ever questions about what should happen.

Staying in contact

Finding ways to stay in contact with your children despite the distance can be a challenge. But it is one that it far from insurmountable. With the advances in technology, you can use options like video chats to keep in touch with them. This is helpful because you can see each other, which might be better than just a phone call. Texts and online messenger options might also be beneficial for quick communication.

There are many possibilities about what you can do with your virtual visits. For a younger child, reading a bedtime story might be a good idea. You could help an older child with homework. You could even watch special events like videos of school plays with the children.

Presenting a united front

Just because you don’t live close to your children doesn’t mean that you can’t be involved with daily activities. You and your ex will need to present a united front before the children. This means that you will have to back up your ex’s decisions and work with her to determine what is appropriate for your children. While you likely won’t have total control over what happens, your ex should still respect your input, especially if you share decision making powers according to the child custody agreement.

Making the most of visits

When it is time for you to have in-person visits with your children, try to make the most of them. This doesn’t mean having to go out and do things all the time. Sometimes, the best memories will come from just staying home and watching movies or doing quiet activities. Make sure that you plan time for the children to recover from the trip since that is likely going to take a lot out of them.