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Mediation is a successful technique for divorcees
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Mediation is a successful technique for divorcees

You and your spouse decided together that your time as a married couple was over. You knew you didn’t want to be together, and you both agreed that it was for the best to seek a divorce. You’re both balanced people and want to see each other off in a positive way.

That’s wonderful, and despite how the media portrays divorces, many people do have relatively easy divorces with little animosity. If you are looking to resolve your divorce with as little trouble as possible but find yourselves with a few things you can’t agree on, mediation may be the right answer for you.

Why is mediation beneficial for couples?

Mediation helps by quickly resolving disputes. A third party works with the couple and listens to both sides. Together with the mediator, you learn about the law and what implications each decision would have. Together with your spouse, you come up with a solution for your property division concerns or child custody dispute. The mediator does not make a binding decision. It’s up to you to decide what’s right after receiving all the information you need about the possible outcomes of your decisions.

Who does well in mediation?

Mediation works best for couples who are willing to work together. This doesn’t mean you’re always polite or even that you both get along. What it does mean is that if you’re working on a problem, you can resolve it by focusing on learning more about the law, seeing how the other person is affected and deciding for yourselves what you want to do based on all the information. The mediator helps keep you on track and prevents all-out conflicts in the office. This gives you a better chance of resolving the conflict while maintaining your temper.

Mediation is there for anyone who thinks he or she can negotiate with a spouse. With a mediator’s support, it’s possible to resolve conflicts.