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Prepare for a successful parenting plan negotiation meeting
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Prepare for a successful parenting plan negotiation meeting

A parenting agreement is the cornerstone of what goes on between you and your ex where the children are concerned. Coming to this agreement isn’t always easy. You and your ex will have to work together to make this happen.

There are several things to think about when you are coming up with the agreement. Being ready to address these can help as you go about the process.

Time schedule

The time schedule for your child can be as flexible or as rigid as what you and your ex need to make things work. What is clear is that you must take your work schedule and the child’s schedule into account when you are making these plans. Since your child needs time with both parents, make sure that you plan accordingly. If one or both parents has a changing schedule, this needs to be considered when making the parenting time plans for the child.


Make sure your child has the things he or she needs. Besides child support issues, you have to decide who is going to cover other expenses. This should includes under whom the child will be for medical insurance. You also need to think about who will pay for extracurricular activities, uninsured medical expenses, school related items and fees. The more detail in this section, the better guidance it will provide.

Holidays and other special events

Plans for holidays and special events are another imperative component of these agreements. You should try to be as detailed as possible so that future issues won’t come up. Of course, these plans might need to be a bit flexible as the child grows up. Think about the child’s birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Year’s Eve and Day, Easter, and any other major holidays for your family. In the case of events like graduations, you might need to set information about how the celebrations will be handled.

Communication preferences

Decide how communication between you and your ex will be handled. Some people prefer voice or face-to-face contact, while others prefer emails or texts so everything is in writing. When you are thinking about this, make sure that you note that the children shouldn’t ever be used as messengers in this process. Instead, you and your ex need to deal directly with each other.