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Why your former spouse’s newest divorce matters
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Why your former spouse’s newest divorce matters

Sometimes, after couples divorce they end up leading truly separate lives. However, many couples remain connected by children, friends, business and other mutual interests. If you are at all connected to your former spouse and your former spouse is going through another divorce, it is important to be cautious in how you handle this news.

The challenges you may encounter in the wake of your former spouse’s latest divorce will likely vary depending on whether or not you share custody of minor children with your ex.

If you share minor children

If you and your former spouse are co-parents to minor children, you may end up facing some challenging legal repercussions in the wake of this newest transition. Your spouse may seek more time with your children or may withdraw from his or her co-parenting obligations for a time. Similarly, his or her current financial situation may impact your child support arrangements in either positive or negative ways.

If your spouse’s divorce situation is affecting your children, your parenting arrangements or your child support in significant ways, do not hesitate to discuss any concerns you may have with your attorney. Speaking with your attorney does not tie you to any specific future path. However, it will help to ensure that you are able to make truly informed choices in regards to your co-parenting challenges.

Other challenges

Even if you do not co-parent minor children with your ex, you may be affected by his or her latest divorce. Sometimes former spouses seek reconnection after a divorce, so you should be prepared for this possibility even if it seems unlikely. You may also be contacted by your ex’s current spouse for any number of reasons, so you may wish to prepare emotionally for this possibility.

For better and for worse, none of us are ever truly disconnected forever from those who have been intimately bound to our lives. As a result, when your former romantic partners split from their current spouses, it is a good idea to be prepared emotionally for the unexpected, whether that unexpected would be welcome or decidedly not.