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How to divorce your spouse and keep your sanity
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How to divorce your spouse and keep your sanity

Divorce is not for the faint of heart. Next to the death of a spouse, a divorce is considered to be the second most stressful life changing event according to the Holmes and Rahe stress scale.

Divorce hits people close to home for good reason. Not only are the emotional challenges associated with ending a relationship you had at one time intended to be permanent, but there are also the very real struggles to figure out how to divide one household into two while negotiating with a person you may not even recognize anymore. So, how do you divorce your spouse and keep your sanity?

Handle your divorce like a business

The best way to get through a divorce without having a meltdown is to handle your divorce like a business. To do this, you have to find a way to keep your emotions at bay.

Emotions during divorce can derail even the most sensible individual. People who are used to handling complex business negotiations can find themselves struggling to find common ground in divorce. You will have emotions during your divorce, but you are best served by getting a therapist. A therapist provides a safe environment for you to process the dissolution of your marriage. You can vent with a therapist without having to worry that your remarks might be used against you in the divorce.

Treat the divorce like a business deal. Take your emotions out of the equation and look at the divorce as if you were managing a business. What are the priorities, what are the costs, what is the ultimate objective, how do you get there? Your divorce lawyer will look out for legal interests, making sure that property valuations, investments assets and tax considerations are handled appropriately with your best interests in mind.

Use your lawyer to help you navigate the logistics of divorce. Leave your emotions at the therapist’s office.

Separating your emotions from the divorce process will help you avoid costly legal wrangling and court battles. By focusing on what is needed to wrap up the marriage you will be able to achieve that goal more quickly and get on to your new life.