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February 2016 Archives

City program allows properties to be recycled into new homes

Vacant properties can be depressing reminders of the economic struggles some Minneapolis residents face when they cannot afford their residences. Whether through liens or foreclosures, abandonment or other causes, vacant properties can fall into disrepair and leave neighbors wondering if anyone will ever fix the issues that plague once-vibrant homes. In Minneapolis, a program is helping remedy the vacant property problem that is rampant through the area.

An overview of litigation arising from structural problems

Acquiring a new home is a big step for almost anyone, but contracting to build a new home can be a huge undertaking for even a seasoned Minnesota homeowner. Unlike an existing home that has its own history and character, a home created from new construction can take on practically any form that its future owner desires. Finding the right builder and contractor to turn that dream home into a reality can be an difficult process, and then securing those professionals' services can require signing off on various building-related contracts.

Preparing a commercial lease can be a complex process

When Minneapolis residents begin to make plans for a new business, they may have a vision for how they want the retail, manufacturing or industrial space to look. They may have an idea of where they want the business situated and they may even know what technical specifications the building will need to possess in order to support the business. For some business owners, building new commercial spaces is the easiest way to find the places from which to operate their enterprises. Others are able to find commercial spaces and execute lease agreements in order to acquire space for their businesses use.

What is agricultural zoning?

At one time, much of the United States' economy was supported by farming. At the local, state and national levels, agriculture provided not only the food that Americans needed to sustain themselves, but also a basis from which the economy could grow. Minnesota still produces a number of agricultural products, although new industries, like telecommunications and manufacturing, have invaded on agriculture's once dominant domain.

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