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December 2015 Archives

The New Year may be the right time for a new home

It is hard to believe that another year has flown by. Readers of this Minneapolis real estate law blog have encountered a diversity of topics over the last 12 months, from problems individuals can encounter with construction contracts to how to draft a commercial lease agreement. However, despite the wide breadth of subjects that real estate law can include, many people who need help in the real estate field require assistance with the purchase of residential real estate.

New football stadium is a big commercial project in Minnesota

The Minnesota Vikings are a popular professional football team that has its home stadium in the Twin Cities. However, the team and community have come together to build the Vikings a new facility in which to play their NFL contests. The project, which was originally estimated to cost more than $1 billion, is going to cost more than projected and the Vikings Organization is footing the higher bill.

Timeshares present unusual real estate quandaries

As a Minneapolis resident is sorting through his mail during the cold months of winter, his eyes may fall upon a mailer advertisement about visiting a tropical paradise in a faraway land. As he reads the advertisement, he may discover that what he has actually received is a brochure about owning a timeshare in a vacation destination. Not everyone knows what a timeshare is or understands the challenges that they can present when they are not properly handled.

What problems can arise during a residential real estate closing?

Finding the right home can be a challenge for some Minneapolis buyers. After months of searching for the right house in the right neighborhood with the right amenities, it can seem like an eternity to finally get to the day of closing on the property. While many residential real estate closings go smoothly, there are some issues that can come up that can delay or even stop a residential real estate closing from happening.

The differences between expressed and implied easements

An easement is a right to use another person's property for a specific use or purpose. Many times, easements are created to give individuals means of ingress and egress to their own properties; after all, in order to access their land, they may have to cross the property of other parties. An easement could give an individual the right to cross the neighbor's property for the purpose of getting to or off of his own land.

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