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Evictions may be based on different factors
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Evictions may be based on different factors

An eviction is a serious legal process in which a person or parties are forced out of their home due to conduct alleged by the properties’ landlords. In Minnesota, and in different jurisdictions throughout the country, evictions can be based on different rationales. While some bases for evictions may not be found permissible by courts others may serve as grounds to remove people from their rented homes.

In many cases, an eviction will come down to how the relevant parties acted with regard to their executed rental agreements. When tenants fail to pay their rent, violate terms of their agreements by having pets or impermissible parties live with them or violate other terms of their rental contracts, then then their landlords may have the power to legally evict them. Rental agreements outline the expectations that renters and landlords have with regard to their contractual relationships and when those agreements are disregarded landlords may seek enforcement of them through eviction.

However, not every eviction process is based on a permissible cause. Landlords generally may not discriminate against their tenants and inclusion in protected classes such as religion, race and disability may not be used as a reason to kick tenants out of their homes. Additionally, if a landlord has previously accepted rent payments late or off of the stipulated contractual schedule, the person may not later evict a tenant for making a late payment if it was previously permissible to do so.

Since an eviction results in a tenant’s loss of home, courts will evaluate such cases with care. Different evictions will be based on different causes and not all of those causes will be legally permissible. Individuals who wish to learn more about the eviction process may work with real estate attorneys in their communities.