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What land use laws could affect my real property rights?
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What land use laws could affect my real property rights?

Ownership of real property may seem to be an absolute right. When a Minneapolis resident buys a tract of land the person may believe that the property owner as the full and unencumbered right to use that tract how the person wants and exactly as the property owner sees fit. However, land use laws may interfere with the use and enjoyment of the property.

Land use laws cover a variety of topics related to how a person may use or develop the real property the person owns. One of those topics is includes encumbrances, such as easements. A person may own a piece of property that is subject to easements. Easements grant individuals who are not owners of the property a right to use or to come onto the property for specific purposes. A utility company, for example, may have an easement on someone’s land if a pipeline or electrical supply is located on that person’s property.

Land use laws also cover eminent domain. Eminent domain is a specific area of the law that discusses when the government may legally take a person’s land for the benefit of all in a particular community. Eminent domain cases can be very complicated and individuals who find themselves facing eminent domain matters may choose to consult with land use attorneys in their areas.

Finally, land use laws cover discrete topics like zoning, trespassing and other topics that can influence how a person uses the person’s land. Trespassing occurs when people enters property that they do not own and without the implied or explicit consent of the property owner. Zoning, as previously discussed on this blog, establishes what types of uses people may subject their land to according to the laws of a municipality.

There are many different types of land use laws that can affect one’s use of the person’s property. Although people generally have some ability to do what they want with their land, the property rights of others may impact whether they can use their land according to their wishes. Land use lawyers in Minneapolis and the surrounding area are available to help interested parties investigate their land use questions and disputes.