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City seeks to attract consumers to new residential real estate
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City seeks to attract consumers to new residential real estate

Downtown Minneapolis is thriving, and the city’s Town Council is taking proactive steps to showcase the residential real estate opportunities that individuals may experience if they choose to live in the metropolitan center. On several occasions throughout the last year the Town Council has hosted events where apartment buildings are able to open their doors and show visitors the amenities they have to offer in their residential developments. Many new residential property buildings will be opening their doors in the next few months and the Town Council hopes that its preview days will help fill those units with renters who are excited to live in the city’s booming downtown center.

Additionally, the Town Council has created a website through which interested parties may view new residential real estate properties from the comforts of their own home. This virtual experience is also intended to give people access to the new residential spaces and to increase interest in them as more residential units become available in the city’s center.

The Town Council has been successful in including local businesses in their showcases which in turn may support the local Minneapolis economy and bring confidence to those who choose to make downtown Minneapolis their home. More than 1,700 new residential units have become available in downtown Minneapolis in the last year and a half and many businesses in the area may experience growth and people begin to repopulate the city.

A strong community is often based off of a strong residential base. Minneapolis it taking proactive steps to make sure that its population is solid and can continue to support its many thriving restaurants and businesses. Readers of this blog who choose to visit the Town Council’s interactive website are always encouraged to understand their legal rights. This can help them make better decisions about any residential real estate rental or purchase agreements they may enter into as they explore to real estate opportunities in their communities.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, “Real estate notebook: Minneapolis Town Council wants more people,” Jim Buchta, Sept. 17, 2015