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Construction litigation can be based on many causes
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Construction litigation can be based on many causes

Even building a simple house can be a complicated process. In Minneapolis, individuals who desire to construct new homes have to contend with building laws, zoning restrictions and other legal requirements that dictate what they may and may not do with their properties. Due these and the many other limits that a person faces when the person wants to construct a new edifice, some people utilize the services of construction professionals to see their projects through to the end.

One of the most important construction relationships that a person can form in the process of creating a new structure is the one the person makes with his contractor. A contractor can be classified as a general contractor or a subcontractor. A general contractor is one that manages the entirety of a building project, from pouring a foundation to wiring for electricity. A subcontractor is a party that handles a limited scope of the building project.

A contractor contract can contain a host of language. It can address the timeframe for the building project as well as the cost that the contractor has bid for completing the job. It may also contain language regarding who will be at fault is something goes wrong in the process of building the structure.

Even without a specific contractual provision a contractor is bound to avoid negligence in the completion of the person’s work. A party may sue a construction contractor for negligence if that contractor fails to exercise the proper standard of care in the work. A construction contract can give rise to other litigation bases, such as breach of contract, breach of warranty and misrepresentation.

Though the use of contractors often helps a person build the home of his dreams, a dispute with his contractor can create legal problems during the building process. A lawsuit can help parties to a construction process get to the bottom of a disagreement. A written contract or agreement may offer some insight into the remedies a person may receive if he litigates a contractor dispute.