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April 2015 Archives

How is owning a condo different than owning a single family home?

When a Minneapolis resident is faced with deciding which residential property he wants to buy, he has a lot of decisions to make. He must establish his budget and must prioritize features that he wants in his new abode. He may select neighborhoods where he would prefer to buy, and he may look into crime rates, school reputations and other factors before settling on a residence. Another consideration that buyer may make is if he wants a free standing home or one in a multiunit dwelling. The differences between owning acondo and a single family home can be significant in terms of what the property owner may and may not do with the structure.

Common problems that arise in construction contracts

Many Minneapolis residents and businesses engage the services of construction professionals when they want to move, expand or change the structures in which they operate. Construction professionals bring with them experience and knowledge on the best practices for erecting new buildings for personal and business use. When construction practitioners and outside parties choose to come together on a construction project, they often draw up contracts to outline the terms of the endeavor.

What rights do I have during an eviction dispute?

The threat of eviction can be incredibly intimidating for a Minneapolis tenant. Eviction is the process by which a renter is forced out of his home by the landlord or property manager responsible for his lease. In order for an eviction to be carried out, a number of conditions must first be met.

Bogus land use and zoning violations lodged by county official

Each Minnesota county has its own land use and zoning regulations that dictate where and what types of structures may be built on different tracts of land. Depending upon the county, a governing board of some type oversees land use and zoning issues for the county and enforces the rules applicable to such matters. Certain county officials work specifically on land use and zoning matters and help form the county's policies with regard to how real property may be utilized.

Gains and losses can apply to the sale of commercial real estate

Business people all throughout Minneapolis know that wins and losses are all part of being in the corporate world. Sometimes investments and business strategies pay off well and in other cases a decision may lead to lost revenues for an organization. One area of business planning that can increase or decrease the wealth of an organization is how it utilizes its commercial real estate. Commercial real estate can be considered an asset of a business or organization and when it is disposed of those losses or gains can be relevant to the organization's tax obligations.

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