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Ways to settle a property line dispute
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Ways to settle a property line dispute

Readers of this Minneapolis land use and real estate law blog may have great relationships with their neighbors. Most people do until some issue related to their lots arises and leaves otherwise amicable neighbors arguing about where one’s property begins and the other one’s ends. When a property line dispute occurs, there are several actions that person can take to settle it.

First, individuals can go back to the property surveys that were created at the time they bought their land. Reviewing one’s survey may help neighbors settle a property line battle.

Second, an individual may file a specific type of lawsuit in order to receive a judicial determination of where a property line actually exists. This type of lawsuit is called a quiet title lawsuit. Individuals who think that this method would work best for them may choose to work with property rights attorneys who can guide them through the quiet title lawsuit process.

Finally, neighbors may simply agree to a new property line if the old property line is undiscernible or otherwise impossible to locate. If individuals choose this route to settling their differences then they generally must record the location of the new property line. Recording would prevent subsequent owners of the two properties from fighting over the same issues as those who agreed to the new property line location.

Other options may exist for settling a property line dispute. Individuals facing such legal issues should seek answers to their specific property problems and not rely on the information contained in this post as relevant legal advice. This post may, however, serve as a starting point for individuals who desire to learn more about property rights and how to protect their land.