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March 2015 Archives

What can go wrong with an FSBO transaction?

A for sale by owner transaction, is a real estate sale that generally does not use real estate agents or attorneys on the seller's side to effectuate a real property transaction. Many Minnesota residents try to undertake such transactions every year and some have success. Others, however, encounter issues that stall their home sales and make finding buyers a difficult feat.

We can help you start your construction project

Whether you are planning to build a home, a business or another project that requires construction in the greater Minneapolis area, the law firm of Burns & Hansen can help you meet your planning and building needs. Construction projects can be very complex, from choosing the right construction site based on zoning, to establishing a solid services contract for the actual project build. We can help you during these important construction steps.

Ways to settle a property line dispute

Readers of this Minneapolis land use and real estate law blog may have great relationships with their neighbors. Most people do until some issue related to their lots arises and leaves otherwise amicable neighbors arguing about where one's property begins and the other one's ends. When a property line dispute occurs, there are several actions that person can take to settle it.

Can foreclosure happen to commercial real estate?

It is often the case that when a Minneapolis business or resident seeks to buy real estate it has to do so with some level of financing. Financing can come in the form of a mortgage or other lending device that extends credit to the buyer and for which that buyer becomes liable. Generally, as long as the buyer maintains the payment schedule on the lending device most problems will be avoided. However, when a buyer falls behind on his payments he may face legal consequences.

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