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Protect your interests during a construction project
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Protect your interests during a construction project

New homes are popping up throughout Hennepin County, giving existing and first-time homebuyers a chance to get into the housing market with brand new properties. However, many current homeowners are looking into projects at their residences to improve or augment the structures in which they live. Home improvement or remodeling construction is a major industry and the individuals who work in it are regulated to perform their jobs up to particular standards.

It can be difficult for a homeowner to know who to trust when choosing a contractor, builder or other construction professional. References can only get a person so far; even a well-vetted construction contractor may pose problems and concerns for a homeowner if the parties fail to communicate on important aspects of the project. When homeowners and the parties they choose to do their work experience conflict, construction litigation can result.

Do not let minor differences of opinion between you and your construction professionals grow into major legal troubles. Early planning can help you feel confident that your construction contracts are sound and that they adequately protect you as well as satisfy the requirements of your project goals.

If you are already embroiled in a conflict with your building or construction professionals, our firm is still available with the support you may need. We offers our clients experience and knowledge in the technical field of construction litigation and provides specific advice to its clients based upon their unique legal needs. To learn more about Burns & Hansen and its work in this practice area, visit the firm’s website on construction.