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How to file a rezoning request in Minneapolis
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How to file a rezoning request in Minneapolis

When a Minneapolis resident finds the perfect location on which to open a business or build a home, the person can feel as though nothing can stand in the person’s way. However, one big issue can arise if the person’s dream location is not zoned for the type of use the individual intends. Zoning and land use laws dictate how land can be used as well as what kinds of structures can be built on it.

When a person wants more than anything to use land against its zoning, the person may have to file with the government a rezoning request. In Minneapolis such a request can be made through filing an application for a zoning amendment. The application requires detailed information about the property, the user and any zoning issues arising between them. The application also requires applicants to obtain the signatures of other land owners who may be affected by the rezoning of a particular parcel of land in their zoning district.

In certain circumstances an individual submitting a zoning amendment application may also have to file an affidavit with the person’s application. Other information may have to be provided as well, depending upon the particular facts of a zoning case. Individuals with specific questions about zoning, rezoning requests and other land use issues may choose to work with property law attorneys on their important legal matters.

Applicants should know that obtaining signatures from in-zone neighbors is not enough to secure a rezoning request. The government of the county will review the request and make an evaluation of the application before deciding if it should be granted. Though no outcome can ever be guaranteed, some individuals facing rezoning requests choose to work with attorneys to handle the detailed process of completing a zoning amendment application.