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How to file a rezoning request in Minneapolis

When a Minneapolis resident finds the perfect location on which to open a business or build a home, the person can feel as though nothing can stand in the person's way. However, one big issue can arise if the person's dream location is not zoned for the type of use the individual intends. Zoning and land use laws dictate how land can be used as well as what kinds of structures can be built on it.

What information must a party provide when selling a home?

Some houses sell off the market within hours; others sit and wait for days without seeing any interest from a potential buyer. Whether a Minneapolis seller can move his property quickly or not may depend on a number of factors. However, regardless of the speed at which he sells his property, he may have to make several important disclosures to his buyer before the transaction can be completed.

Developer proposes combined residential-commercial property

Minneapolis and Saint Paul each have the feel of big cities that preserve their small town charm. Distinctive neighborhoods attract people of varying interests as the cities' financial districts keep the area relevant in the business world. Recently a historic part of Minneapolis has come under examination for development and proposals for the site have begun to come in.

Protect your interests during a construction project

New homes are popping up throughout Hennepin County, giving existing and first-time homebuyers a chance to get into the housing market with brand new properties. However, many current homeowners are looking into projects at their residences to improve or augment the structures in which they live. Home improvement or remodeling construction is a major industry and the individuals who work in it are regulated to perform their jobs up to particular standards.

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