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State high court to hear local real estate dispute
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State high court to hear local real estate dispute

Throughout Hennepin County, individuals often watch what happens on their neighbors’ properties out of both curiosity and their own economic interests. Property values can be impacted by poorly maintained lots or buildings which can in turn affect sales for nearby parcels. In other cases, property owners may hope to buy their neighbors’ tracts of land in order to expand their own residences or businesses.

A real estate development group, a business owner and the state have all gotten into a disagreement over a local parcel of land. Each has an interest in the property: the development group wants to build residential space on it, the business owner wants to acquire it for his own use and the state is the current owner of the property. The business owner has alleged that the state has made an illegal sale of the tract to the development group, which the state has denied.

The business owner initiated real estate litigation in the Hennepin County courts, and since then the matter has progressed all of the way up to the Minnesota Supreme Court. When the matter is heard by the court in January, it will decide if the business owner has the right to challenge the sale in order to have a chance to buy the property itself. A lower court ruled at an earlier date that the business owner lacked the right to sue on the matter.

The real estate dispute playing out in this story is not completely uncommon. Whether between neighbors, businesses or combinations of private and public entities, many issues can arise when parcels of land are set to change hands. Individuals who need support working through their own real estate problems may choose to work with legal professionals to learn more about protecting their properties and their rights.

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