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December 2014 Archives

Finding help when land use violates existing zoning laws

Zoning is a way that Hennepin County authorities may protect local residents from neighboring land uses that range from nuisances to dangers. Regions of the county are zoned for residential, commercial and other specific purposes; when a property within a particular zoning area does not conform to its specified use, the owner of the property may violate the county's zoning ordinances. That owner may have options for remedying his property's violation.

Let our firm help you choose the right commercial property

Every business is different and even Minnesota companies that operate within the same industries may have different requirements for what they want out of their commercial spaces. Finding the right space for a new or existing company can be challenging and can take time away from a business owner's other important company-related work. The law firm of Burns & Hansen, Attorneys at Law, can help you find the right site for your Minnesota business or corporation.

When is the best time to sell a home in Hennepin County?

Each season offers many benefits to individuals living throughout the metropolitan Twin Cities area. While summer and spring are filled with beautiful growth and sunshine, fall brings the perfect colors of autumn as winter offers snow for outdoor fun and games. Unless a homeowner has a specific time that he needs to be out of his house, it can be difficult for a Hennepin County resident to decide when to try to sell a home.

State high court to hear local real estate dispute

Throughout Hennepin County, individuals often watch what happens on their neighbors' properties out of both curiosity and their own economic interests. Property values can be impacted by poorly maintained lots or buildings which can in turn affect sales for nearby parcels. In other cases, property owners may hope to buy their neighbors' tracts of land in order to expand their own residences or businesses.

Select the right commercial property for your Minnesota business

One of the major hurdles that many businesses have to clear is finding a place to locate their new enterprises. Before they can begin hunting for the warehouses, retail spaces and office buildings in which they will set up shop business owners must make some important decisions about the types of commercial properties that they want to secure. One of the first determinations that they must make is whether they want to rent a commercial property or buy it.

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