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Recent Success in Loan Modification
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Recent Success in Loan Modification

Clients, a married couple, approached our Firm to inquire about bankruptcy after learning they were facing foreclosure on their home. After a review of their case, it was discovered that the clients had been forced into a loan modification they did not solicit, had been charged for fees they should never have incurred, and had payments to their account misapplied.

Upon receiving copies of checks paid to the Bank and constructing a timeline, our Firm drafted a Summons and Complaint against the Bank and served them.

In less than 90 days, all parties were able to reach a Settlement Agreement which resulted in the foreclosure being halted, and total debt forgiveness to the clients of almost $30,000.00. This included principal and interest reduction on the amount owed to the Bank, waiver of late fees and attorney’s fees by the Bank.

This is an example of the kinds of relief an experienced attorney can provide to clients facing financial distress. If you have any questions or are facing a similar situation, please contact one of the experienced attorneys of Patrick Burns & Associates to schedule an appointment.