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Removing Second And Third Mortgages

We Can Help You Get Your House Payment Under Control

During the 1990s, and the first several years of this century, Americans were told that their houses were their greatest financial assets. Millions of Americans refinanced against the equity in their homes. Unfortunately, as personal credit card debt and other costs rise with the times, paying for those second and third mortgages has become a burden that many families can no longer afford. Mortgage workouts and other alternative repayment plans are on the rise.

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At the Minneapolis bankruptcy law offices of Burns & Hansen, P.A., we know where you are coming from. We have helped many families throughout the Twin Cities recover their original house payment by stripping off the second or third mortgages through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Our lawyers have extensive experience with the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and are not afraid to take on the most complex filings. If another law firm or loan modification company has told you that you are stuck, talk to us. Negotiating a mortgage workout with your banker is not your only option. Bankruptcy may be the solution you need. We look at every possibility to help our clients strip their refinancing obligations from their original mortgage.

Stripping off a second mortgage and removing liens from your original home loan is complex and only possible under certain conditions. Under limited circumstances, the bank may be willing to negotiate a mortgage workout or you can remove the refinanced amount through bankruptcy. Let’s talk it over.” Attorney Patrick Burns

Let us help you avoid foreclosure. Contact us to discuss your bankruptcy or mortgage workout needs today. Call 952-219-7897. We represent clients in communities throughout Minnesota.

Disclaimer: We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.