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Up To Your Neck In Credit Card Debt? Get Help Today.

Credit card companies have had the upper hand over consumers for many years. These companies know that by offering low introductory rates and high credit limits, cardholders will be seduced into moving their money from card-to-card and using up their available credit. It is an endless cycle that keeps individuals and families in debt for years.

Are you tired of juggling minimum balances between cards and skipping payments, only to get tagged with a high late fee or penalty? The truth is, the deck is sed against you ever fully repaying your debt. The fact is, the credit card companies do not want you to. They are looking forward to decades of interest payments, late fees and penalties.

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The law office of Burns & Hansen, P.A., in Minneapolis, is ready to help you get out from under the heavy burden of credit card debt. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys are ready to answer your questions about:

Types Of Bankruptcy

  • Chapter 7 is the most popular type of bankruptcy for people mired in heavy credit card debt and unsecured loans. In most circumstances, Chapter 7 will allow you to completely eliminate your credit card debt. Some types of debt such as student loans, cannot be discharged.
  • Chapter 13 is a debt restructuring plan supervised by the bankruptcy courts. All of your credit card debt, student loans, back taxes and other debt can be lumped into a single, affordable repayment plan that can extend the period or repayment and save you thousands of dollars in interest payments and fees that would otherwise go to the credit card companies.

What About A Debt Settlement And Loan Modification Companies?

Be careful dealing with companies that will promise you the world. In most cases, they will look out after their own financial interests first, and end up doing very little for you. When you hire an attorney, we are ethically and legally obligated to do everything possible to vigorously protect your financial interests and rights. At Burns & Hansen, P.A., you get experienced and knowledgeable representation and personalized service from your own legal counsel. Credit card companies and collection agencies are required to deal directly with us.

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