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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Will Restructure And Eliminate Debt

Millions of Americans file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy to restructure their consumer debt, student loans and other personal debt into an affordable, court-supervised repayment plan that saves them thousands of dollars. Chapter 13 is an excellent option for people who are seeking debt relief but do not qualify for Chapter 7 under the new bankruptcy means test, or who have high amounts of certain types of debt that cannot be eliminated.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also the tool by which many debtors can save their houses that would otherwise be foreclosed on. Through Chapter 13, you can structure your plan to pay off your missed mortgage payments over time and stop a foreclosure. Chapter 13 plans can also be used to restructure car payments and strip out the interest payments that prevent you from ever catching up on your bills.

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By filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can:

  • Avoid foreclosure and keep your house
  • Stop wage garnishments and liens
  • Prevent car repossession, keep your car
  • Protect your assets
  • Strip off refinanced mortgages from your original mortgage
  • Consolidate all of your secured and unsecured debt, including student loans and tax debt

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The law office of Burns & Hansen, P.A., is your complete bankruptcy law firm. Sit down with one of our experienced lawyers to discuss your options. Your lawyer will explain why having a personal legal representative to take your case through the legal system will protect your financial interests and rights more than a for-profit loan modification company or debt consolidation agency will. We are licensed attorneys, bound by our professional ethics and the law to provide vigorous, effective representation to help you get the debt relief you need.

The Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 requires filers to take a “means test” to qualify. Many people have heard that they do not qualify under the new test. The truth is, there are a lot of myths about bankruptcy that the credit card industry wants you to believe. Our attorneys understand how the means test works, and can explain your rights under the law. Bankruptcy law can be confusing, but having an experienced attorney can make the process much easier.

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