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Chapter 7 And Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Our economy went south quickly and unexpectedly. As a result, millions of Americans have found themselves out of a job, facing unexpected debt or simply over their heads with credit card debt and other bills. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are options that are available for people to get out from under the burden of debt.

At the law office of Burns & Hansen, P.A., we help people and families just like you through the process of bankruptcy in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our firm can answer any questions you may have and can navigate any potential issues that you may face when filing for bankruptcy.

You May Have Heard You Do Not Qualify. Talk To Us About Your Options.

Many bankruptcy law firms are best described as “mills”. These firms have one set way of handling every bankruptcy case that comes in their door. If your case does not fit into their template, they may not help you. We accept the tough consumer bankruptcy cases that many other firms do not take. Even when other bankruptcy attorneys have told you that you do not qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we can often find a way. Our firm will not take no for an answer until we have crossed off every option and possibility. In many cases, we have been able to help clients get the relief they need after they have been turned down elsewhere.

Why A Bankruptcy Attorney? Why Not A Loan Modification Company?

For-profit loan modification companies protect their own financial interests, not yours. Some of these operations expect you to pay into a special account to build up a large amount of money before they will even start negotiating with creditors. While your account is building up, you will still be liable for monthly payments and fees to the company. It may take a year or more before the company starts to negotiate with creditors. During that time, you will still face creditor harassment and will probably fall further behind in your bills. When you hire a licensed attorney, you get immediate representation. Additionally, creditors are required by law to deal only with your legal counsel.

Why Not A Debt Consolidation Agency?

Many debt consolidation agencies are nonprofit organizations that draw much of their funding from credit card companies. That means it is in their best interest to work harder for the creditors than they do for you. You may be able to help you lower your interest rates a little and extend terms of repayment, but you end up paying a significant monthly payment every month. A large percentage of people who start out at a debt consolidation agency eventually wind up in bankruptcy.

We invite you to learn more about the bankruptcy process and get answers to some pretty tough questions about whether you should file for bankruptcy such as:

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.