Landlord-Tenant Attorneys For Eviction Notices

Conflicts between landlords and tenants can quickly mushroom into legal action. Contacting an attorney early in the process can help protect your rights, preserve your options and avoid a lawsuit or eviction notice.

The law firm of Burns & Hansen, P.A., represents commercial and residential owners and commercial tenants in lease negotiations, lease disputes and eviction proceedings. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of Minnesota landlord-tenant law and a record of favorable results in both litigation and out-of-court solutions.

We represent renters, businesses and owners of multifamily housing in Minneapolis, the greater Twin Cities and statewide. Arrange a free initial discussion immediately if you have received an eviction notice.

Landlord Representation In Disputes And Eviction

Minnesota law is protective of tenants' rights, particularly residential renters. In landlord-tenant disputes, the property owner must be careful to follow certain steps in any actions adverse to the tenants. We counsel owners of apartment buildings, duplexes and other rental units, as well as owners of office buildings, retail centers or other commercial property in all scenarios:

  • Drafting or review of lease agreements
  • Lease violations (noise, unauthorized occupants, subletting, etc.)
  • Disputes over repairs and maintenance
  • Back rent
  • Early termination
  • Damage deposits and disposition of property left behind
  • Right of first refusal to renew

If you are moving to evict, we can guide you through the issues of serving proper eviction notice, going to court, reshowing the apartment or space, retaining deposits, or law enforcement action to forcibly evict. We can also advise on whether to pursue or write off unpaid rent.

If you are more interested in avoiding eviction, as with a longtime tenant in good standing, we can work with the tenant to negotiate terms to pay arrears or amend the lease.

Representing Commercial Tenants

If you are months behind on your rent or in blatant violation of the lease, the owner is within rights to evict. It is difficult to stop eviction in these cases, but you cannot be simply kicked to the curb. You have rights regarding notice of eviction, cutting off utilities, continued access to the unit, taking your personal property or harassment by the landlord. We can step in to try to work out an agreement or forcefully assert your tenants' rights.

Learn Your Rights And Enforce Them

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