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Minnesota Property Lien Lawyers

General and subcontractors who are not paid by property owners, business owners or developers for construction or remodeling projects may obtain and enforce judgments for non-payment.

At Burns & Hansen, P.A., we know how delays, disputes and non-payment can impact the ability of contractors to stay in business and complete other projects successfully. We represent both contractors and subcontractors in construction and mechanic's lien matters, including litigation and appeals.

We have litigated construction claims and have been involved in appeals in Minneapolis, the Greater Twin Cities and statewide Minnesota. Contact us today for experienced representation and to schedule a free initial discussion where we can discuss your issues.

Twin Cities Attorney Representing Contractors in Appeals

Our attorneys are experienced and aggressive in matters involving liens against properties to compel payment. Trial lawyer Bart Gernander has extensive experience in construction law and litigation, and he will follow through to obtain and enforce judgments for non-payments. We are fully prepared to foreclose liens on behalf of general and subcontractors, but will also strive for settlement when appropriate.

The appeals process can be complex. There is a short window to file an intent to appeal with much work to be done before appellate briefs are submitted, including the examination of the record and what has happened in the process of obtaining or enforcing a mechanic's lien. Act quickly to ensure that your rights are preserved.

For more information regarding mechanic's liens appeals for general and subcontractors in Minnesota, contact Burns & Hansen, P.A. at 952-232-5991 or toll free at 866-291-4854.