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In Minnesota, divorced spouses cite financial troubles as one of the major causes for the failure of their marriages. At Burns and Hansen, P.A., we have found, too, that disputes over finances can destroy a relationship:

  • One group of spouses alleges that they make all the money, and the other group cannot get a handle on their spending.
  • The partners cannot decide together on major purchases for the family.
  • One spouse refuses to keep records, cannot balance the checkbook, and runs up "over limit" charges on the credit card. It drives their partners, and their divorce attorneys, crazy.

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If one of these scenarios, or something like it, matches up with your experience, and you have decided to file for divorce, contact a Minneapolis divorce attorney at our office. We will discuss your situation in relation to Minnesota property division and alimony law. We will guide you through the process and negotiate a reasonable divorce settlement. While most cases settle out of court, if your spouse will not be reasonable, our attorney is a skilled trial lawyer and will take your case to court.

We have extensive experience handling complex divorce situations such as those involving hidden assets, and divorce for individuals with high net worth.

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We also assist with prenuptial agreements and other aspects of family estate planning.