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As the executor in a probate administration or administrator of an estate, you have a number of specific responsibilities to fulfill. You have an important duty of care with regard to your estate. The failure to fulfill those responsibilities is a breach of fiduciary duty and can get you in trouble with the probate court. It is important to speak with an experienced estate planning lawyer regarding your fiduciary duties.

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Minneapolis Breach of Fiduciary Duties Attorneys

An estate administrator has a number of fiduciary duties to perform under the supervision of a court. The administrator may have to:

  • Collect the assets of the decedent
  • Prepare an inventory of the assets
  • Notify all known creditors so they may be put in claims
  • Approve or reject all claims
  • Defend his or her actions in estate litigation before the probate court
  • Sell estate assets to pay claims

Additionally, the administrator pays the decedent's bills, prepares the decedent's last tax return and pays any necessary taxes. He or she may also prepare a petition to distribute the assets for the court's approval.

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