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A non-compete agreement is a legal contract that restricts the actions of an employee after the relationship with an employer has ended. It limits those actions by stating that an employee may not compete with his or her former employer for a specific amount of time, within a specified geography and under specific terms. For employers, it is important to ensure that the terms in a non-compete agreement are valid and enforceable.

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Twin Cities Non-Compete Agreement Lawyers

Businesses often invest a great deal of money in building a client base, establishing processes and forging a unique path towards success. It is critical that a business keep this knowledge confidential in order to maintain a competitive advantage and to survive in the marketplace. Since employees in sales and manufacturing are usually exposed to this confidential information, there needs to be a method in place for companies to protect their interests.

There are limits, however, to this protection, since it is in the public interest for people to work and be productive. A non-compete agreement needs to be properly restricted by geography, by time and by industry. It must also be limited to a legitimate interest of the company.

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