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4 financial tips to prepare for divorce

Divorce is never an easy process. This is especially true when you are not separating on amicable terms. For couples that have children, this could mean a lengthy custody battle in court. For those that have accumulated significant wealth, this could mean a fight over the assets acquired during your marriage. Complex divorces that include high-value assets often require the help of professionals in the finance and accounting sectors in order to determine value and prepare for any tax consequences that result from dividing the debt and assets.

Another source of help when you are planning to divorce is an experienced family law attorney in the Minneapolis area. Since a local divorce attorney is familiar with Minnesota laws concerning marital property division, this is a good place to start in order to put protections into place to ensure you do not find yourself suffering an economic hardship when you and your husband finalize your divorce. Read further for four tips that can help you protect your assets while you prepare for divorce.

Special needs situations demand attention in child custody cases

One of the most difficult aspects of going through a divorce is having to handle child custody issues. Deciding when parents will spend time with the child and who is going to make decisions about the child's upbringing must occur.

When the child has special needs, there are extra concerns that have to be addressed in a child custody order. Understanding these ahead of time might help you to plan for what will need to happen.

Stay-at-home moms and child custody: What you need to know

Getting divorced is a stressful, emotional process. When you have young children, getting divorced seems that much more daunting. You may worry about the emotional impact on the children. If you are a stay-at-home mother who hasn't worked in years, you're probably worried about being able to support yourself and your children.

You may worry that the courts won't give you custody of the children if you can't provide the kind of lifestyle they've had so far in life. It's normal to worry, but working with an experienced Minnesota divorce and family law attorney can help ease the stress.

4 things to know when a divorce includes a business

Going through a divorce is difficult for almost anyone. Just the thought of trying to divide up assets might make you tired. For couples who worked to build a business, that business can often lead to even more problems during the property division process. If you own a business together, you should ensure that you aren't getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the business. Consider these four points.

#1: You have to decide the fate of the business

4 facts to know about divorce and your credit

One aspect of divorce is property division. In addition to dividing the assets, you also have to divide the debts. This can lead to some very difficult negotiations and potential arguments. Property division is often a contentious area of divorce and for good reason.

The terms of your divorce will impact you for the rest of your life. How assets and debts are handled during the property division process will play an important role in shaping your credit and your future life.

Make sure you understand how property division during divorce can impact your credit. Four facts to know are:

1. Debts must be divided

If you fight about money, divorce could be on the horizon

You got married when you were both in your 30s, and you were already fairly set in your ways, financially speaking. You took your finances very seriously and knew exactly what you wanted to do with every cent.

Maybe your first fight about money was small. Your new spouse wanted to buy something that you thought was unimportant, and you complained. Maybe the next fight got bigger; you wanted to buy a new car for your company, and your spouse thought you should buy a family car, instead. Things just escalated from there, and soon it felt like money was at the heart of every disagreement.

Your high-asset divorce does not have to get ugly

If you're getting divorced, you may be facing a great deal of anxiety about the future of your livelihood and your estate. While these are certainly reasonable fears, a divorce does not have spell disaster, and it does not have to be social and professional suicide.

With the guidance of a professional, experienced attorney who understands the nuances of complex divorces, it is possible to remove much of the mystery and fear from the divorce process. Whereas many divorce attorneys build their practice on pitting spouses against each other in a protracted legal battle, a true professional knows how to minimize the craziness and get to the heart of the matter - helping you dissolve your marriage in a fair and equitable manner.

3 things for men to do for divorce mediation

Divorce mediation is a way that you can work out the terms of your divorce with your ex-wife instead of going to a trial and letting the judge decide them for you. You must prepare before you go into the first mediation session. This preparation puts you in a position of being able to keep your wits about you and your emotions under control while you are working through the negotiations.

The basics of Minnesota marital property laws

After being married for more than 30 years, you and your spouse have accumulated significant assets. Sine you were married, the two of you purchased various properties, including your main residence and a vacation home on the lake. In addition to these assets, there are also various investment accounts, retirement funds, cars and even your spouse's consulting business.

When longstanding marriages fail, high asset divorces such as yours can be very complicated. While an experienced divorce attorney can guide you through the process, it is important to understand the basics of marital property laws in Minnesota. Very often, those that have been married for a long time do not understand that they have joint ownership of marital property.

Facing foreclosure? Here are 2 alternatives to consider

You have kids, work hard at your job and didn't expect to struggle with your health. Unfortunately, because you have had to finance so much lately, you haven't had the money to provide payments on your home. What can you do to avoid going into foreclosure now that you've missed several payments? Here are two possible ways to stop the foreclosure process and get back on track.

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